Distillers College - Building and Running a Distillery

"Very comprehensive"
"My expectations regarding content and information were surpassed."
"I loved your detail regarding the necessary steps to opening.  Thank you for providing source info and cost and the business plan."
The 3 things best about the course.... "Details, Details, Details".
"Very thorough and well organized".
The 3 things best about the course..."1.Watching you make the cuts. 2. Intimacy, detail and personalized responses. 3. Meeting other students."
"I would like to see the inclusion of a mixology course and adding flavors for infusions".
The 3 things best about the course... "The complete openness towards touring and photographing your distillery, Taste testing, Bottling & Labeling."
"Awesome information. Positive Attitudes. Super!!"
"The Course was excellent.  I appreciate the topics and the embracing of questions, facts, and openness of helping everyone.  Excellent workshop.  Amazing Class."
"I constantly refer back to my class notes and slides as we have built our distillery."